Posted by: The Sweet Life Runner | June 12, 2007

Why Breastfeeding?

When I got pregnant, I never thought about breastfeeding my baby. Truth of the fact is, when I started to buy things for my baby, I bought a powdered milk canister and feeding bottles. But since I attended a breastfeeding seminar sponsored by Avent (I got attracted since they are giving out avent bottles for the participants), I was inspired to breastfeed my baby.

Many new mothers in our generation are not breastfeeding their babies. Why is that so? Most of them complained because of the pain, some say they don’t have milk, some say they had c-birth and their wound is painful and its hard to position the baby for nursing, some say milk formula is much better because it has lots of vitamins, some say it is hard to nurse outdoors since you have to expose your breast in public… excuses… excuses…excuses…

I personally have gone through those same mishaps. The pain and everything really goes beyond what I expected. But since I have the full determination to give my child “The Best Option”, I chose to breastfeed him exclusively.

What made me decide to breastfeed my baby exclusively? Here are some of the great reasons:

1) Breastfeeding brings you close to your new baby and gives you quiet times in the day and night to get to know each other. It can be a very satisfying experience for both of you.

2) Your breast milk is specially designed for your baby and contains everything needed for healthy growth in the first 6 months. It contains antibodies and immunities, which are passed from you to your baby to help fight infections.

3) Breastfed babies are less likely to develop colds, ear infections or allergies such as asthma or eczema and diabetes.

4) Breast milk is easily digested by your baby. A breastfed baby’s nappies are more pleasant to change.

5) Breastfeeding helps your womb contract and gets you back into shape more quickly, as the extra fat stored in your body during pregnancy is converted to energy to help produce breast milk.

6) Breast milk is always ready for your baby at the right temperature and it’s free!

…and many more reasons that proves breastfeeding is really the best for babies.

Well, for me, the very main reason that I chose to breastfeed my baby is for his health. I am diabetic since my teenage years. Giving him my own milk will boost his immune system, making him strong enough not get the sickness that I’ve been struggling for more than ten years now. And mostly, GOD MADE THE BREAST TO FEED THE BABY. It is not meant for the cows to nurse a baby human but a human to nurse her own baby.

I believe that nursing mothers are loving mothers since they are giving the best for their babies, despite the fact that it is hard and requires a LOT of sacrifices. If there’s a will, there’s a way. Try to figure out how you can overcome the hindrances of breastfeeding and it will be a rewarding experience for you and your baby in the future.

For those who are expecting, or wanting to become mothers, please! try to breastfeed your baby. It is one way of showing how much you care for your baby and giving him a great jumpstart towards life.

La Leche League (proud member)
Avent Baby Products (helping mothers nurse better)


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