Posted by: The Sweet Life Runner | June 14, 2007

My First Time College Life…

Well, who said college life is easy? well, he’s wrong coz its “definitely NOT

It was my first time in College. Actually, at first, its really exciting coz you get to meet new people, new faces, new places. But when you get to meet the “terror teachers” you’ll just realize you’re just entering the same life in high school… only this time, its worst!

Enrollment is difficult, changing of matriculation is difficult, even the subjects are difficult. The classrooms are as hot as hell. Oh my! hope I can survive this difficult college life.

classroom open door

They even require closed shoes for everyone. It sucks for me though because I am used to just wearing sandals because they are much comfy for me. And now I am obliged to wear ladies shoes for the first time. I bought one and it looks cute. I feel like a lady! hahaha! am I really?

fashionista feet

I changed one my subject today since it had discrepancies with the other. I walk back and forth from the buildings that are so far away from each other. And now I know what Gretchen Barretto and Ruffa Gutierrez mean when they say that “you have to sacrifice comfort for fashion“. I had sore feet now because of my shoe. And it hurts a lot. So much for me being a “fashionista“.

What I noticed most in College is that people tend to give more of their efforts in their looks. Yes I know looks are important but don’t they know that they are entering the Campus and not the Malls?

But at the brighter side of it, i really liked the school canteen. It looks like the Foodcourt at SM. The food is priced cheaper. And its cool there. Now I have a sleeping area! (if its ok to sleep there). yahoo!


umak canteen

And to top it all up, I am very much impressed about the structural buildings here in my University. The Main Administration Building is nice and modern (and cool!). The constructions of new buildings and this new “Open Field” interests me a lot. I am excited to see this get done with.

umak construction building

umak open field

But one of my classmates said that the first one who saw this open field being built already graduated from College many years ago. What does she mean by that? 🙂

Well, that’s all for now. I need to finish tons of my assignments. Whew!


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