Posted by: The Sweet Life Runner | July 4, 2007

University Posts…

Rules are implemented everywhere… at home, work or even at school. And as adults we are already aware that there are rules in every place that we go to.

I am a very good citizen of the country, a law abiding one. But sometimes I find it difficult to understand some posted rules that are implemented, especially those that is being mandated by our University.

closed shoes post

One thing is the post about wearing closed shoes. As of the moment, we are not obliged to wear our University Uniform since the Cooperative that does the making of it still cant comply with the demands for new uniforms of freshmen students. So we carry our own style everyday. One of my classmates wore a slip-on (a shoe-like sandals that hides the toes). The OMNI Guards confiscated her C.O.R. (Certificate Of Registration, we use this as a temporary I.D. so we can enter the University premises while we apply for our own I.D. cards). The Guard said that she violates the rule. As I go through the websites, slip-ons are considered a closed shoe. And it’s not the point I want to emphasize. My question is “Why are they prohibiting the use of sandals, slip-ons, clogs etc.?” I attended the Freshmen Orientation and one of the speakers explained about this. She said “Its for formality”. What does she mean? Are wearing sandals not formal? I attended a lot of formal occasions and sandals are the primary footwear for women in the occasion.

elevator post 1

reason for not taking elevators

Next one I would like to bring up is about the University Elevator found inside the Administration Building. A note is posted at the side of it saying, “Students are NOT ALLOWED to use the elevator”. I don’t have anything against the teachers, faculty members etc. riding the elevator but the thing that annoys me is the explanation sign that says “Taking the stairs is good for your health. exercise can lower your risk of diabetes and high blood pressure. It can even lower your cholesterol and increase of endorphins” If that’s the case then its not us, the students, who needs to use the stairs. Instead, it’s the teachers, faculty etc. who should take the stairs instead of the elevator because according to the sign it promotes health and as we know, the ones who need physical exercise to boost their health are the teachers and the faculty members since they are older. And its better if the elevator is for the students since we are still young and energetic, we don’t need to boost our health at the moment because we are on our peaks. I think it is more appropriate to say “The elevators are made for teachers and faculty members so students are not allowed to use it”. Makes more sense to me.

i.d. post

And lastly, I received my I.D. last week. I wasn’t aware that there is a phrase in it that made me laugh a bit. At the top of my I.D. it says, “I am Proud to be a student of the University of Makati”. Is that a vital part of the I.D. card? It seems to me that students in my University are not proud of their Alma Mater. True or not, I don’t know. But I think whether it is Public School or Private School, we should be proud that we are college students, studying for the betterment of our futures. I guess its not necessary to post that statement on the I.D. Cards, Its just a waste of money and energy.

The idea I like to impose is this. Sometimes, its better to just follow and don’t question. Maybe soon enough you’ll find the noble reason for it (if there really is) or, just don’t question them, they might get mad for your being assertive (is this one of the traits they like students to develop at school, isn’t it?)….


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