Posted by: The Sweet Life Runner | July 22, 2007

My 20 Hours Well Spent

Last Friday, my classmate called me outside the classroom while my teacher is busy dealing with my other classmates. she told me that one of our classmates are outside and cannot come in because she forgot to bring her C.o.R. (Certificate of Registration) with her. I keep on searching and searching in her bag but i cannot find it. Since i realized that my teacher is getting prepared to discuss the lesson, i hurried up and one thing just came to my mind. I will just lend her my C.o.R. which, ended up to be a wrong move. Because I thought it would be a good idea. So my classmate will not miss the discussion.


I went to the CeSCA office to see if she’s there. And my perception was right. I come inside and talked to Ms. Gina. I know, I made a mistake, I was wrong, and for that we are punished. 20 hours of community service. Hows that for a freshman?

On Thursday, I get the taste of the punishment. Good thing my Chemistry teacher dismissed us early on because she will have a meeting. We reported early for our “Community Service”.

At first we felt so uneasy inside the CeSCA Office though the seats are comfortable and its cool inside. Good thing my classmate is with me or else I’ll be bored to death. We are just there sitting, they are just asking us to do something for them from time to time. It was really like were just observing and getting the feel of it.

community service logbook

The second time is way different from the first. We found out that CeSCA people are nice after all. They chat with us. They made us feel that were not different from them. Specially Ms. Gina and Ms. Ivy. I really enjoyed every hour spent with them. I never felt that this is punishment after all.

After a week I found out that My 20 hours are almost complete so last friday I served my last sentence. They were sad upon hearing this. Ms. Gina even hesitated to give me my I.D. because she doesn’t want me to leave. I told them that even if I already served my sentence, I will still visit them from time to time.

I am so happy to have my I.D. back again. And of course I have learned my lesson. But at least I had fun with this 20 hours punishment, oh! I cannot call this punishment. It should be called 20 hour well spent time. Much appropriate! 🙂


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