Posted by: The Sweet Life Runner | August 5, 2007

Project: Squatters’ Area Children

Last week, our Professor in Filipino Language grouped us and assigned a project for each and she asked us to interview some peculiar people in the society. In my group, we were asked to interview the Squatters’ Area Children and their own profound languages.

Well, it sounds so easy and I know we wont have difficulties in doing it. We decided to do the interview on friday since there will be no classes because of the SK (Sangguniang Kabataan) Registration.

Last thursday after class, I decided to make the video introduction of the simple documentary that were gonna make since it was announced that there will be no classes on friday. I surfed the net and looked for pictures that has relevance in my project. As I browse, copy and paste the pictures my heart was so moved while looking at it, specially when I finished it with the audio transition, it was very heart touching…

I pity those unfortunate children. And I felt so lucky I didn’t experience that kind of life. Though I grew up without a father, I can’t remember an instance when we don’t have food to eat, or a homey shelter, or fine clothes to wear, or even money to spend on necessities and wants. We always enjoy living together and I can say our life is not on the middle class, I guess we are above the line.

Something came across my mind. Who is to blame for the “disastrous” condition of this children? Was it the Government? or their poor parents?

Ofcourse it is obvious that the Philippine Government has a poor governance over the rich land of this archipelago. They didn’t make the utmost use of our resources. And because of the rampant graft and corruption, the money that is to be used on purpose is only bagged by those big bellied politicians.

The parents are responsible for taking care of their children. But in most cases, it is not visible, specially in the urban poor areas. The ironic thing is, the ones who doesn’t have children or has few children are the rich, and the ones who have the most number of children are those who cannot maintain them. So poverty are getting worse because the number of mouths to feed is growing but the income isn’t.

As a conclusion, both of them has faults, and they should do something with this. The Government must act upon this or else this poverty will be like a heirloom, a continuous process from parent to offspring to the next descendants. This should not happen. As parents, we must be responsible for our children. We must make sure that we can give all their needs and some wants as well. If we are poor, we should only maintain a small family so we can have a healthy and comfortable life.

As expected, ofcourse we conducted the interview and finished the it in no time. Saturday morning the documentary is complete and is ready for viewing. Im pretty excited to present this. I hope by my little efforts, I could also move the hearts of those who will watch this little documentary.



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