Posted by: The Sweet Life Runner | August 10, 2007

My Most Memorable Diary…

I love writing. Since I was small I always loved my pen and paper. And its also obvious because I keep my own blog. Writing is one of my passion, my art, the best way I can express myself. One of the biggest instrument of sharing my thoughts, emotions and ideas to all that will benefit from it.

When I was in my teenage years, I used to keep a diary. A journal of everyday events that happened to me. I even write there my thoughts and hidden emotions that I never told anyone about. It became my best friend throughout my younger years.

I usually don’t have an opening remark “dear diary”. Oftentimes, I talk about what the weather is or what exactly am I feeling the moment I was writing. It became a habitual thing for me. And I wrote on my diary for more than 7 years.

Ofcourse the other diaries died out because of natural calamities. But good thing I kept the other and most of all, I kept my most memorable diary of all. My 2002 diary. This is when I experienced to love someone, the test of true friendship, and my services to God.

This diary is quite old and has some tears because of my mishandling. But even so it still looked good. There were a lot of instances that I go to malls and find a diary like it but I always fail to see something that would outwit or even equally justify its beauty.

I sometimes read from it from time to time and it always brings back a lot of sweet and hurtful memories . But evens so it always makes me smile. Because of those experiences, I became a much matured person. I realized I had a lot of immaturities in the past and I have always been self-centered. I even hurt those people that I loved. I once asked forgiveness to a friend whom I’ve been unfair to before. He said that its nothing because past is past and what’s important is now. Well, he’s right.

I know it won’t be possible for me to start to write on a diary again since I’m almost preoccupied everyday. But i guess the mind is the best diary for it will always be available every time you want to go down the memory lane.



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