Posted by: The Sweet Life Runner | August 18, 2007

Loving the Rainy Days

No classes, cool weather, hot and tasty foods, comfy bed, fast internet connection, who doesn’t like those?

Since wednesday, classes in colleges are suspended. Though its kinda sad because I’ll miss my classes, it also means a relief for me since my midterm exams will be moved and I’ll have more time to review. And of course it means that I will have more time to relax and unwind because last week was so tiring for the body and for the mind.

I get to finish the Koreanovela I was watching on youtube for 3 days straight! Imagine that. Of course it is so fulfilling for me. The story is very good.One of the lead cast is Jun Da Bin, the Korean Actress who hung herself dead inside the bathroom of her boyfriend last February 13, 2007. And to think that day is my wedding anniversary. I felt bad upon hearing this news. She is a good actress and a big loss in the industry. That’s why while searching for some articles about her I bumped into some of her high rated Koreanovelas. Some of them is “Attic Cat”, which I already finished viewing when it was aired on GMA 7 and the last one is “My 19 year-old Sister-in-law”, the one I watched on youtube.

I also did some creative things. I joined the Nescafe 3in1 flick, where I get the chance to show off my video editing talent (ows?). I hope I can win in this contest. I’m still in the process of creating them.

Of course I never forget to spend more quality time with my son. We played and played most of the time. Then, I realized that my son is growing fast. Now he knows how to address the people inside the house. He can identify similar things, He can do his tricks faster, He likes to talk and talk nonsense things and loves to scan his hardbound book and keeps on pointing at the picture of the cat while saying “bat…bat”.

What they say are really true. Kids grow up faster and smarter nowadays. My son is a living evidence. Most of the time, he amazed us on the things we never thought he would do now at his early age.

This makes me realize one thing, I should keep on going, pursuing my dreams to finish my studies for his sake. And this time I am more inspired and motivated.

I am planning to bring Ethan to the mall this week after the typhoon is gone. Because it’s been a while since the last time I took him out. I hope I can do this.

Anyways, we all enjoy the comforts that the rainy days bring. But I’m looking forward to seeing the sun shine again. Hopefully soon.


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