Posted by: The Sweet Life Runner | September 5, 2007

A Very Busy Last Week of August…

As I am writing this, My legs are aching. This is the result of a very busy week I had. Now I am suffering the consequences.

Last friday was the Psychology Society Acquaintance Party held at the Great Eastern Hotel (Previously known as Aberdeen Court). But prior to that, we attend our classes. But we managed to talk to our professors to excuse us so we can practice for our presentation at the party. I even attended my P.E. class at the last hours in the afternoon because I cant afford to miss my practical mid-term exam.

I rested for a while before I prepare myself for the party. My best buds are also at my place. We planned about this a week before and I am happy that everything is going according to plan.

Kathleens’ dad drove us to the venue. I am not that excited about the party, unlike my companions. Maybe because I’m old for this kind of stuffs. We chat and chat until we arrived at The Great Eastern Hotel (formerly Aberdeen Court). The place is renovated already and theres a huge difference compared to its appearance the last time I went there (I guess that was year 2000 if Im not mistaken).

When we came to the party room, the place is roomy and classy. Everyone is beautiful in their own dresses and tux. It seems that it is really well planned. They looked excited and happy, looking forward on what’s in store for them in this Cocktail Party.

The program started on time (okay, maybe 15 minutes late than whats written on my invitation). The Emcee led the prayer and the National Anthem. After that its program time. They started it by having a fun game. The guys will hold an eggplant while sitting on a chair and the girls will dance around them. When the music stops, the girl should hold the eggplant from the boys. It was fun and loud laughters are echoing inside the place. I really had fun watching them do it.

After that the food was served. We are waiting for this specially my table mates because its past dinner time already. In fairness, they served delicious foods for us and I am very much satisfied with the dishes that I have tasted. This is the thing that made my night complete.

One thing that saddens me is the problem that arises during the sectional presentation. One of my classmates forgot to bring the music cd with her at the party, which disgusted most of our classmates since they cannot present the dance that they have been rehearsing for weeks. The leader of the dance cried because of this but I salute her because despite the fact that theres no music, she manages to carry our group by performing with one of our classmates on the spot at the stage. Many were amazed by her moves and the Emcee even said that if it was performed by most of the group, we have bagged the first prize. Oh well, after this “tragic” event, I lost my interest in the party so I asked my friends that we should go home already because we still have a field trip in the morning.

I arrived home very tired. Maybe the culprit is my heeled shoe. After taking off my make up and changed my clothes, I lied in bed and fell fast asleep. Before I know it, Its already time to wake up.

My mom helped me with the preparation of the food that Im gonna bring at the Field Trip. One of my best buds fetched me from home to school.

We arrived earlier than the time. I even forgot my old trusty camera so I hurried back home and get it. When I arrived they are already inside the bus. Good thing they reserved a nice seat for me.

We went to around Cavite City and I enjoyed the trip and the locations where we stopped over. I took nice pictures. Here are some of them.

tejeros convention

The place where the Tejeros Convention happened.




casa de naic
Casa de Naic



bonifacio trial house

Bonifacio Trial House in Maragondon, Cavite


hanging bridge

Hanging Bridge in Maragondon (This test our bravery)

mt. nagpatong

Mt. Nagpatong (Where Bonifacio & his brother was killed)


aguinaldo mansion

Final Stop, Aguinaldo Mansion in Kawit, Cavite where the Philippine Independence was first proclaimed.

I really had a great time with this trip. I hope to visit this kinds of sites again soon!


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