Posted by: The Sweet Life Runner | October 1, 2007

National Choir Reunion…

Last month, while I was so busy with a very important project, m,y cellphone beeped. I checked it out immediately, It is a text message from one of my friend from the National Choir saying that I am invited to the Grand Reunion on September 23, 2007 in Apalit, Pampanga.

My initial reaction, not interested. You see I’ve been so busy with my studies and my family that I feel that I am juggling them just to survive my every day. And that time we don’t have a maid, which made the situation worse. I texted her right away and told her I am not sure if I could come.

Some of my friends who are still a part of the group texted me and they are shocked of what i answered to that friend of ours. They cant believe that I would reply like that. I just told them that I dont see any significance why they should hold a reunion. First of all, there are already new members that replaced us and we are already living our own lives out of the group and were already happy with what we have now.

I admit that I miss being with them. But the thought of seeing them again and be with them again makes me a bit scared. Because I know I have already moved on and Im afraid that I may be wrong when I got the chance to be with them again…

I even had a fight over a friend through text which made the feeling worse.

But when I found out that some of them are already having emotional distress towards me, then I decided to just give in to their simple request.

My closest friend was surprised when he saw me at the occasion, because I told him I wouldnt come. He was the Emcee then together with another NC member. I even brought my son Ethan and his Nanny. I am happy to mingle with my ex-choirmates. We even got the chance to sing together. I was so happy. I have never sang like that in the longest time.

They even gave us a remembrance. The miniature NC uniform which they had made through hard work. A labor of love indeed…

At the finale, I saw tears came out through their eyes. I felt a bit moved about it but I was so surprised to see that I am not bursting to tears. Maybe this is what you really call acceptance. Having to be in the situation again in which you are less affected by the emotions around you.

Even if its raining i am not worrying about it. I just enjoyed the time with them specially when we were indie Ingkong’s Kitchen and eating. When we got home, I even lost my wallet inside the van. Gladly, the driver is good enough to return it to me.

I really had a nice day. If there would be a next time, Im sure ill be there again God willing!


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