Posted by: The Sweet Life Runner | October 19, 2007

Finally, Finals are Final…

First and second month of October is a very busy week for me. Why? Because it is my Finals. I have always expected this times to be crucial but I misinterpreted it… It is much harder than I thought it would be.

Projects started to be assigned on every subjects. Harder topics are being taught. Activities started to get plenty. I even wrote my own first thesis! Whew! this is really a very busy and tiring time for us!

But soon after I have completed everything, I felt something strange. I know I should be happy since now I can take my dream grand vacation and rest after a very hectic semester. But I was so surprised that I am not that excited to take my vacation.

Im gonna miss going to school everyday, Im gonna miss the OMNI Guards greeting me every morning. Im gonna miss my classroom seat. Im gonna miss the store at the 3rd floor that sells “kakanin” and corn bits mix. Im gonna miss Building 2 room 312. Im gonna miss the admin cantenn, the cold library, the accounting office, the faculty room, the CeSCA office. Im gonna miss looking at my nursing student crush whom ive been adoring since enrollment of this semester and most of all, Im gonna miss my classmates, my favorite teachers and ofcourse, Marylyn, Aivan, Shynna and Kathleen… my best buds!

Oh well, sembreak is for 2 weeks only so why am I sourgraping? I know before I realize, school is back again and even harder and challenging so i need to prepare for it.

I just hope the rumors are not true about shuffling the Psychology students. I hope we are still blockmates… until graduation!

Best of luck for us! And I am looking forward to make up for those that I have been neglected because of my busy schedule this semester.


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