Posted by: The Sweet Life Runner | October 20, 2007

Glorietta 2 Bombing

I was shocked when I heard the news yesterday about the explosion that happened in Glorietta 2 at around noon.

My initial reaction, I felt so worried. Because I know that many of my schoolmates are roaming around the malls near the campus, and Glorietta is one of the hot spots. I even took time to watch the flash report on tv to be sure if there are any casualties whom i know. I even got late for my class that afternoon.

Since yesterday Ive been keeping many questions to myself about this incident. Why are they doing this? Why the innocent people? Why hurt others? Whats so beneficial about destruction?

When I found out that the exact location of the destroyed part of the mall, I exclaimed to myself… OH MY GOSH! ITS IN THE BABY SECTION OF THE MALL! When I take my son for a stroll at Glorietta I usually pay visit to this stores since I am looking for some things that might be needed by my son or sale toys and clothes. I felt a chill in my body. There is a great chance that there are kids in the casualties who were injured or at worse, even died in the incident…

I am a mother, a very loving mother. And to know that there might be children and mothers there who died in the incident made the feelings worse. This means that there will be motherless child and childless mothers made by this catastrophe.

I really cant believe that there are people who can do this extreme harm and destruction to other people. The bible is really true when it said that people will become more and more sinners in the last days. Is there no conscience left for those terrorist to take lives of those poor innocent people?

Why dont they just throw a bomb over at the Malacañang Palace if they are angry with the Government? or just assassin those whom they want to take revenge to? This is really unfair for those people who doesnt sin against them. Thats really inhuman. They are more of an animal, much worse so to speak.

I am extending my greatest sympathy and condolences for those who have lost a loved one in this tragic incident. Dont worry, God is always looking at us and he knows best what to do with those animalistic terrorist. Let vengeance be God’s and not ours…


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