Posted by: The Sweet Life Runner | October 31, 2007


October 30, 2007 – supposed to be this is the time that we will get our report of grades. i came to school at 8am. I was so shocked to see a huge line inside building 3. I knew it, its the line for claiming the report of grades!

I was so pissed off when I saw it. I knew I should have went early on but I was so tazy to get off my comfy bed. And so it goes, I suffered the consequence of my being lazy. Having to endure 6 hours of annoying pain of standing up in line just to get my grades.

After that I cant take it no more. Me and my best buds decided to just go to school tomorrow at a much earlier time. We set it at 5am.

October 31, 2007 – I woke up at 4am. I didnt have any difficulties in waking up now because of what I have experienced from yesterdays line. I get myself ready to go to school but when i looked outside its still dark so I said I will just wait a while for the darkness to subside. At 5:30am, the sky set to blue so I decided to go on.

When I came to the school there is already a line of around a hundred people. My best bud Marylyn waived near the admin building so I went to her and fall in line with her. Good thing she arrived earlier or else we’ll endure another long line again.

After sometime, Aivan and Kathleen came to the scene. Emelyn also sit in between us.

Because we still have to wait for the time for the Registrars’ Office to open up, we chatted our way to kill boredom and we are successful.

I didnt even notice time passing by because we are really having fun with chatting. At around past 9am I already got my grades and heres the result:

1st yr 1st sem grade

I am so happy when I received my grades. Though my LTS Professor still doesnt encode our grades, I am sure I got a high grade from him. I cant believe I got a GWA (General Weighted Average) of 1.52!

I hope I could be a Dean’s Lister so I wont have to pay for my enrollment fees!

Congratulations to me!


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