Posted by: The Sweet Life Runner | November 8, 2007

YELLOW CARD – the most useless privilege of Makati Residents

Last November 2, 2007 I rushed my 1 year and 4 months old only son at the nearest hospital, which happens to be the Ospital ng Makati in Comembo. He has been vomiting for about 5-6 times already that evening. We are afraid that he will be dehydrated or maybe he has dengue or something fatal.

Right then it took less than an hour before we got a spot at the ER Pedia. The doctor asked us what happened to my son and we told them all the details. To my surprise they didn’t even put my son on IV Fluid, which is the first thing to do for patients like my son so they wont get dehydrated. My mother told the doctor to put my son on IV Fluid but the doctor just said “Kami po ang nakakaalam kung kailan dapat iswero ang bata”. I am not a doctor, though I am pursuing a degree on it. I have read lot of articles about health and medicine and I also talked to a lot of pediatricians. Whenever the child vomits a lot of times, he should be put on IV fluid to prevent dehydration. My son’s mouth is dry. When he cries, only few tears get out from his eyes.

One day has passed and they did nothing to my son. They just ask us to give him glucolyte. Maybe they didn’t get it; my son is throwing up everything that is put inside his mouth so that glucolyte is like the doctors in the Ospital ng Makati… useless.

That afternoon they wanted to discharge my son. My mom got angry because my son’s condition is getting worse and they will tell us to go home. My mom refuses to go home because she wanted my son to be admitted to the hospital. They just gave us a prescription medicine and then they sent us home and said that if ever he throws up again, we just bring him back to the hospital.

At home, my son is already very weak. We tried to give him the medicine that the doctor prescribed but he just throws it up. We decided to take him back to the hospital.

When we arrive at the hospital, we immediately go to the doctor at the pedia and told them that my son is still throwing up and now he is very weak. They just made phone calls if there are vacant rooms for my son so they can admit him. After hours of waiting they told me no room is available. We said we will pay in full and will not use the yellow card. Right then they had the determination to get us a room. My mom called Dra. De Ocampo and she told us “Baka naman gamitin nyo ang yellow card ninyo?” my mom said, just for my grandson to get well, we wont use it.

After patiently waiting again they told us there’s still no room available. My son is now very very weak. He is just sleeping and would not move even if I tried to wake him up. This is very alarming so we decided to rush him in a private hospital where he will be taken cared of properly.

Right now, my son is okay. Still under medication but now he is active and playful again. I don’t regret paying almost P8,000 for his 2 days hospitalization. The important thing is that he is okay.

Last year I also had the same experience when I was pregnant with him. The OB Emergency Room doctors are very hot headed. They shouted and treated the patients very inhumanly. They told me I can give birth there but they are not sure about where to put my son because there’s no incubator available. Nice answer for a doctor who is not using her head.

I thought it was only the OB ER who has a problem. But when I was rushed there because of my carbuncle on my legs, I got the same treatment at the Main Emergency Room. And now my son is the new victim of the Pedia ER of this inhuman hospital.

Yellow Card is useless. No one in my family has ever experienced being treated well in this hospital and no one had been admitted. I enjoyed a lot of privilege here in Makati. I am a Makati Scholar ever since and I am thankful for that.

My concern is those people who soon will be victims of this hospital. How about those people who really cant afford to pay for a private hospital? Will they just wait for their deaths?

One thing I noticed is that the Emergency Room is always jam-packed with patients. I thought the reason is because many are rushed in this hospital. But after observing for a day I came up with the best conclusion ever. “Patients are coming to the hospital in almost an hourly interval. There is even a 2-hour interval that no patient arrived in the Emergency Room. The reason they got plenty of patients inside is because THEY DONT TREAT THE PATIENTS AS SOON AS THEY ARRIVE. THEY JUST MAKE THEM WAIT AND WAIT WHILE THEY ARE JUST IN THEIR SEATS CHATTING ABOUT THEIR USELESS LIVES AND BORING STORIES. If they are just attending to the patients right away, the ER wont be crowded at all. Just like what they do at the Makati Medical Center. ”

That night a child was rushed there in the ER. Her forehead has a big and deep cut and is bleeding much. The mother was crying. But still they just looked at the child and walked passed her without giving her first aid. They wanted to make the mother fill up first the ER Chart and will wait for her daughter to get treated. They were attended after more than an hour and its already morning when I saw them get out of the hospital. The mother just carries the child in her lap for the whole night. That’s a very wicked way to treat a patient.

I guess the doctors here lost their human feelings. They don’t feel any remorse about what they are doing.

Maybe the acronym OsMak is wrong. I think this should be changed to OsKam meaning OSPITAL NG KAMATAYAN because there’s a great chance that they will let you die there without doing anything.

They should have told us beforehand that they couldn’t accommodate us so we just find a good hospital for my son.

I hope Mayor Binay knows about what’s going on inside this hospital. This Ospital ng Makati will stain the Makati’s good image.

To the Ospital ng Makati Director, if ever you get the chance to read this, I am sorry not to talk to you personally because I know it will also be useless. The last time we talked, nothing has changed to the hospital that you are working for.

I wish the yellow card privilege could be used again in Makati Medical Center. If so, I would never step on OsMak again.

If you get a chance to read this, and you have been a victim, or have know anyone who had been treated badly by this hospital, please email me at We are forming a group of people that will unite to file a formal complaint about this hospital. Thank you and I hope we can put an end to this hospitals malpractice.



Mrs. Michelle M. Viray



  1. I also had that same experience at OsMak but that was way back three years ago, when my “kumpare” had eaten “tinolang manok” for lunch and then come evening, complained of stomach pains and vomiting. Our neighbor asked me if I could rush him to the hospital. I brought him to the nearest clinic because he was already crying in pain and his face was all pale, I was hoping for some first aid to ease his pain just so I’ll have enough time to drive him to the hospital, but the doctor said I should take him to the ER right away because he wasn’t looking too well anymore and first aid won’t help. So despite traffic on the way to OsMak, I was trying to calm him down because he was crying and wailing and calling for his wife and mother that time. When we got to OsMak, they laid him down on one of the vacant beds there, and asked him a few questions like his name, where he lived, if he has philhealth and all that, but because he couldn’t speak anymore due to too much pain, I answered for him. They didn’t put destrose on him at all and just walked pass by him as if he wasn’t there at all. I think I waited for two hours for his sister to get there because I contacted her and told her what happened the moment we arrived at the hospital. During those two hours he wasn’t given anything at all. They gave me a test tube and told me to tell my “kumpare” to put some sample of his stool in that test tube. A test tube?? If you’re a doctor or nurse and know what you’re doing, you’d KNOW that a patient needs a bigger container for his/her stool samples. I asked for a bigger container and it was only then that they gave me the right one. When his sister arrived, I told them I had to go back home because it was late and I was starving. I don’t know what time they gave him medication, but I think they paid 8,000 pesos for everything. Here’s the catch – he doesn’t have a yellow card but he was treated that way.

  2. hi can aqnyone tell me how much it will cost for a 16 days at ospital ng makati , in icu, having blood trans and medical treatments

  3. yeah….OSMAK treated patients as if there’s nobody.

  4. they can not give documents needed. as if they do not care with the patients.

  5. yes, same treatment for my daughter who is vomitting and dehydrated at that time.. no iv for her just waited for like a couple of hours then after looking at her prescribed some drugs then was sent home, we were only advised to return if the condition persists or worsen! wtf! so sad that a lot of people lives depend on this so called hospital when they treat you like this. its a good thing that my daughter became well if so then i will have their heads.

  6. I also had the same experience in that hospital, I didn’t have a yellow card but I was willing to pay cash, I had an ectopic pregnancy and was on a critical stage like most of you they made me wait in spite of the pain I was experiencing the hospital was horribly dirty and smelly and the hospital bed where I was asked to lie down for IG had blood from the patient prior to me, it was really disgusting. Indeed the resident and attending doctors in that hospital no longer have any remorse for people and the suffering they are going through in the ER, there was one woman who was already having vaginal bleeding all over the floor. It was really a horrific experience.

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