Posted by: The Sweet Life Runner | January 26, 2008

the last five years…

Seems like I’ve been so busy lately that I neglected my blog. There has been so much that happened to me since the last time i posted. But despite that, I dont feel the urge to write them down. I feel like its not necessary.

While playing my favorite mini match on powerpets and listening to my imeem playlist, One thing came to my mind… I remembered, it soon would be five years…

I can still remember the first time I saw him face to face. I never felt a strong connection with anyone before, but with him, its different. His handsome face was just an addition to his great personality. He was the most thoughtful person for me, and until now he still is.

I never believed in love at first sight because I already fell in love with him eventhough I never saw him yet. Thru the simple text messages he sent to me everyday make me fall hard. It may sound so cheap that I fell in love thru text messaging but I guess if it is, maybe I am.

The first time we met was very magical. Now I know what they meant when they said that “I heard the bells ringing” because literally, I did. Something in me tells me right then and there that he is the one. But ofcourse I dont trust my intuitions that much. We ended up good friends and before I knew it, he became my first boyfriend.

Now I know how it feels to have a romantic partner. Everyday I felt so high over him like theres no one else in the world but us. We had the best times together. He visits me everyday at our house after his work and we eat outside.

I didnt have any shyness of showing my true self to him. I eat the way I eat, I dress the way I dress, I talk the way I talk and I don’t pretend to be something I am not. He said that’s what he liked about me… a very genuine person. I became very open to him about everything in my life and he did to. He became my best-est best friend.

Soon after I realized that there’s no perfect relationship. Now I saw the complications we are having. His sister hates me. It was prohibited for me to have an intimate relationship with anyone and many more restrictions comes our way. There even came a time that we even fought over those dis-tractorsI even felt that its useless to fight for him. In short, I even thought about giving up the fight.

I dont know but I think fate has its way for us. Just when I came up to the idea of breaking up with him, something just happened that made us realize that we are really meant for each other and soon after that, he asked me to marry him.

I was speechless. I cant believe that this is actually happening. I have dreamed and prayed for someone like him to come my way and now he is offering a string to bond him to me. Honestly this is too good to be true but it isnt. It is really happening and there is no other answer that comes to my head but a big “YES”.

We had a simple civil wedding. We are not the type that would spend much just to brag about our new civil status. But before the civil wedding we already had a mass church wedding 3 years before the civil one. I was pregnant with our first child when he married me civilly. Actually its just for formality.

Those 3 years were full of adjustments. But still even if we quarrel even to the minutest details we managed to survive. I just wonder why am I not bearing a child in those 3 years but I guess I should just wait. Just when I gave up hoping, I was already pregnant.

I had the worst pregnancy. I have to inject insullin twice a day just to make the baby inside me live. I even had complications for the last minute but I managed to survive and deliver a very healthy baby boy last June 26, 2006. I am happy though I had a difficult pregnancy because I dont feel alone in my pregnancy… we are both pregnant.

Im not surprised that our child resembles my husband so much. The time when I was conceiving I would caught myself staring at him while sleeping and I adore his face so much then. Until now I still do.

Many things happened after that. We even had a hard shook on our relationship but still we are alive and surviving and on February 13th 2008, it will be our 5 year anniversary. Yeah, time flies while we are having fun.

Right how everything is perfect. I am perfectly in love with an imperfect man that loves me the same and learned to love my imperfections and weaknesses along the way. As Glenn Medeiros and Elsa said “Love always finds a reason… seems like I could just look at you and I found the reason in your eyes”.

I hope we could stay in love and in faith for the rest of our lives, and a baby girl on our 10th anniversary! (I hope)

“Love isnt about what you will get from it,

its about giving what you can give for it”


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