Posted by: The Sweet Life Runner | August 17, 2008

The Art of Letting Go

“This week has also been rather difficult for me emotionally. I had to let go of a long-term relationship, a friendship, which at one time brought much joy and happiness into my life, but sadly has turned sour over the past several months. People can be like plants, in odd ways, and if a relationship is not watered or nurtured, it too can suffer from thirst, its leaves can turn from a bright green to a muted brown, and, like the colorless leaves on the once healthy plant, it too will eventually die.

Sometimes we must let go of people, places and things, even though we still care about them so much, or harbor good memories, or at worse, we are so much in love with them. if it turns out that they will provide an unhealthy or toxic element inside of our own lives. Staying free of such compulsions is not easy, and often, the pain of walking away can be very sharp, and pierce a deep wound open inside of one’s own heart. Letting go involves surrendering, for our own good, and ultimate peace of mind. Often, we must let go as well to honor and respect the needs of the other person, even if their goals are quite different from our own.

Today, in the middle of all the business involved in my life, I too am trying to walk through the pain of letting go of a friendship that was not healthy for me. I see him everyday and I try to act and live normally around him. This does not mean that I do not feel sad, nor I don’t have any feelings anymore for this person. I still love and I truly miss this person, but sometimes we have to let go to grow, even with the pain and hurt, so we can get to the other side of the rainbow, with the hope that there is still light inside.

Ofcourse, I do hope that someday, our paths will cross again and when that time comes, we’ll see if were really meant to be. I still believe in us.

Thank you for your minds.”

he will always have a special place in my heart, forever...

he will always have a special place in my heart, forever...



  1. gee, at first i was sad i thought you’re talking about your husband. but you’re right, letting go is hard.

    PS: 1 Tim 2:9

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