the artist

the drama queen

the drama queen

Name: Michelle Manait a.k.a Sweetchelly in the world wide web.

Biological Age: 24 years old

Physical Age: i look like a teenager

Mental Age: sometimes 16 but mostly 30+

Sweetchelly is a young woman with lots of thoughts in her mind that she would like to express, and one of the best ways she can do this is by creating her own blog site. She is a young mom of a 2 year old cute baby boy and a wife to a Italian Restaurant Chef. A College student taking up BS Psychology. She is greatly influence by her faith and lives by it. Her daily life isn’t complete without opening her computer and browsing the world wide web. She makes herself updated by reading other blogs and websites. She shows interests in latest gadgets, technologies, medical breakthroughs, fashion, family life, babies and ofcourse about religion.

She is interested in digital photography, modeling and visual arts and is working her way to hone her skills in this field.

Expect informative posts from her and drop a comment on her guestbook.

God bless and Happy Reading!


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