who’s that kid?

The kid in my blogs’ header is my 2 year old cute, only son named “ethan“. He is one of my greatest inspiration in life, and also, God’s great work of art. A masterpiece. I couldn’t agree more.

This shot i took from him is just by accident. He was just playing then when he stood up and looked at the window. I saw a great pose so I quickly grabbed my camera and took a shot on him without him knowing (sorry son, you’ll thank me someday for this). 🙂

My son is a happy baby and he is breastfed. He is a very active kid and loves to play and play and play. He is also very smart and talkative. Most people say that he looks more of his dad and I believe so too.

My son… I’ve gone through hell when I was pregnant and gave birth to him and they are right, the more hardship you’ve gone through when you attain something, you’ll appreciate and treasure it more. I love him more than anything else in this world. I will give him the best that I can. That’s what parents are, right? I’m just the same as all the loving mothers in the world.

“Motherhood is the art that i enjoy best!

and Ethan is the best masterpiece among all of my art!”

my best work of art

my best work of art


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